Anonymous asked:
I love you :(........ You make me feel so much better and i just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me when i needed you. You're so fucking perfect and i wish we talked i feel like you could make me a better person without a question.

Awh, this is so sweet, I’m glad I helped, but I’m sure this can be fixed if you came off anon :)

im-a-witch-and-hes-a-heretic asked:
I'm not silly you :') heh.

Are tooo!

ilikeyourglowsticks asked:
Well you should :)

i’ll try to!

ilikeyourglowsticks asked:
Why isn't it okay-.-

i just don’t see it!


why is there no cheese in this house this is america I have rights

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just like that, i’m alone again.


ilikeyourglowsticks asked:
Well you're perfection okay?! Ok.

Blah, that’s not okay -.-

ilikeyourglowsticks asked:
You're perfection

why thankyou :) but i don’t think so :(

under-reaction of the year.

urg i’m just going to get drunk so i can just drown all my sorrows because nothing else is going to work